The MyView project aims to provide technologies for the creation, broadcast and consumption of multi-view hypervideo.
Spheree is our spherical multiple-projector display used for applications such as Fish Tank VR and visualising 3D content we create in our studio.
ViDeX is our Video for Education project, aiming to provide learners with more effective and engaging user interfaces and features to view educational video.
OpenVL is our framework for providing computer vision methods to those not expert in the field. The framework is an abstraction based at the same level OpenGL is for computer graphics.
Many visual effects in film and television use free-viewpoint video for innovative views of dynamic scenes. This is my research into efficient and high quality view optimisation from multi-view video capture of a dynamic scene.
The Unified Camera Framework (UCF) is our solution for cross-platform uniform access to imaging devices (regardless of connection type and location) an abstraction over camera access, camera configuration and image formats.
Hive is our framework for transport and distributed processing of computer vision tasks using a peer-to-peer network with centralised control.