Moving Target Selection in 2D Graphical User Interfaces
Abir Al Hajri, Sidney Fels, Gregor Miller and Michael Ilich
Moving Target Selection in 2D Graphical User Interfaces Target selection is a fundamental aspect of interaction and is particularly challenging when targets are moving. We address this problem by introducing a novel selection technique we call Hold which temporarily pauses the content while selection is in progress to provide a static target. By studying users, we evaluate our method against two others for acquiring moving targets in one and two dimensions with variations in target size and velocity. Results demonstrate that Hold outperforms traditional approaches in 2D for small or fast-moving targets. Additionally, we investigate a new model to describe acquisition of 2D moving targets based on Fitts' Law. We validate our novel 2D model for moving target selection empirically. This model has application in the development of acquisition techniques for moving targets in 2D encountered in domains such as hyperlinked video and video games.

Presented at the Interact Conference on Human-Computer Interaction in Lisbon, September 2011.

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