Casual Authoring using a Video Navigation History
Matthew Fong, Abir Al Hajri, Gregor Miller and Sidney Fels
Casual Authoring using a Video Navigation History We propose the use of a personal video navigation history, which records a user's viewing behaviour, as a basis for casual video editing and sharing. Our novel interaction supports users' navigation of previously-viewed intervals to construct new videos via simple well-known methods, such as playlists. The intervals in the history can be individually previewed and searched, filtered to identify frequently-viewed sections, and added to a playlist from which they can be refined and re-ordered to create new videos. Interval selection and playlist creation using a history-based interaction is compared to a more conventional filmstrip-based technique. Using our novel interaction participants took at most two-thirds the time taken by the conventional method, and we found users strongly prefer using a history-based mechanism to find previously-viewed intervals compared to a state-of-the-art method. Our study concludes that users are comfortable using a video history, and are happy to re-watch interesting parts of video to utilize the history's advantages.

Presented at the Graphics Interface Conference in Montreal, Canada, May 2014.

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