Video Navigation using a Personal Viewing History
Abir Al Hajri, Gregor Miller, Sidney Fels and Matthew Fong
Video Navigation using a Personal Viewing History We describe a new video interface based on a recorded personal navigation history which provides simple mechanisms to quickly find and watch previously viewed intervals, highlight segments of video the user found interesting and support other video tasks such as crowd-sourced video popularity measures and consumer-level video editing. Our novel history interface lets users find previously viewed intervals more quickly and provides a more enjoyable video navigation experience, as demonstrated by the study we performed. The user study tasked participants with viewing a pre-defined history of a sub-set of the video and answering questions about the video content: 83.9% of questions (average) were answered correctly using the personal navigation history, while 65.5% were answered using the state-of-the-art method; they took significantly less time to answer a question using our method. The full video navigation interface received an 82% average QUIS rating. The results show that our video history interface can be an effective part of video players and browsers.

Presented at the Interact Conference on Human-Computer Interaction in Cape Town, South Africa, September 2013.

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