2017/12/04 - Spheree at WACV 2017

At WACV this Spring we'll be presenting our new calibration method which automatically calibrates a multi-projector spherical display using a single camera. We recover the intrinsics and extrinsics of the projectors, then determine the 3D shape of the spherical display, including the 3D area of each projected pixel. From this we can render seamless imagery on the surface, or provide a highly accurate perspective-corrected 3D visualization of objects by tracking the user's viewpoint, presenting a virtual hologram to the user.

We'll be presenting this at WACV in Santa Rosa in March 2017.
2017/02/13 - Spheree at CHI 2017

We have designed and built an automatically calibrated multi-projector spherical display and a user-calibrated cubic multi-screen display, both of which provide convincing 3D cues for visualization of 3D content. Using a head-tracking system, we can provide a higher-fidelity fish-tank VR experience due to the higher accuracy our calibration methods are able to achieve.

We'll be presenting this at CHI in Denver in May 2017.
2017/01/13 - Spheree at IEEEVR 2017
We introduce an automatically calibrated multi-projector spherical 3D perspective-corrected display, to visualize 3D objects and scenes using motion cues. By tracking the user's viewing position, we can project an object's appearance onto the display such that it looks like it never moves - almost like a hologram. The display is dynamic, and has no trouble rendering high frame rate content for entertainment or practical purposes.

We'll be presenting this at IEEE VR in Los Angeles in March.

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