An Investigation of Textbook-Style Highlighting for Video
Matthew Fong, Gregor Miller, Xueqin Zhang, Ido Roll, Christina Hendricks and Sidney Fels
An Investigation of Textbook-Style Highlighting for Video Video is used extensively as an instructional aid within educational contexts such as blended (flipped) courses, self-learning with MOOCs and informal learning through online tutorials. One challenge is providing mechanisms for students to manage their video collection and quickly review or search for content. We provided students with a number of video interface features to establish which they would find most useful for video courses. From this, we designed an interface which uses textbook-style highlighting on a video filmstrip and transcript, both presented adjacent to a video player. This interface was qualitatively evaluated to determine if highlighting works well for saving intervals, and what strategies students use when given both direct video highlighting and the text-based transcript interface. Our participants reported that highlighting is a useful addition to instructional video. The familiar interaction of highlighting text was preferred, with the filmstrip used for intervals with more visual stimuli.

Presented at the Graphics Interface Conference in Victoria, Canada, June 2016.

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